SNA1 PDZ domain - Prediction of dissociation constants for C-terminal ligands

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Sequence Input

To process a single C-terminus, please enter its sequence in one-letter code below and click 'Calculate Kd'.
Only the last 5 residues are considered for calculation.

To process multiple C-termini, paste the raw sequences or a FASTA file in the input area below and click 'Calculate Multiple Kd'.

In case of a raw sequence file, place each sequence on a single line, FASTA files are interpreted as if each line containa a single C-terminal sequences.
Only the last 5 C-terminal positions will be used for the prediction. Sequences shorter than 5 residues are ignored.

SNA1 Term Scheme

Specificity profile: Term Scheme

Dissociation constant calculation Output in [µM]

Mixed effects model without (no-IT) statistical pairwise interaction terms (R-square=0.76)
Kd [µM]    ln(Kd) (Column 2 below)
Prediction possible for all amino acids except for cysteine.

As pointed out in the the paper (submitted), the prediction of the model including statistical interaction terms. Please use ONLY either the values of the mixed effects model or the fixed effects model including statistical interaction terms.

Calculation log
All your calculations will be summarized in the table below. The dissociation constants are given in [µM].
You can copy and paste the results and save them in an editor for future reference.

The mixed effects models included selected substitutional analyses. This analyses was thus based on a total of 2204 individual PDZ domain/peptide interaction measurements.

Urs Wiedemann and Prisca Boisguerin, Rainer Leben, Dietmar Leitner, Gerd Krause, Karin Moelling, Rudolf Volkmer-Engert and Hartmut Oschkinat (2004) submitted.

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